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Lil’ Kim Releases Another Song Off Of Her Newest Mixtape Entitled “Countin Money” [AUDIO]

April 28th, 2012 | By


I Love Hip Hop Blog – It’s no surprise that Lil’ Kim is trying to make a come-back on the music scene. This mixtape that Lil’ Kim is working on is entitled, “I.R.S. South Tax Season.” Recently the track she collaborated with Jezzy on entitled, Keys to the City was dropped as the premiere single for the mixtape. Now she’s dropped another song entitled Countin’ Money. To be honest…I don’t like this song. I was able to vibe to the song her and Jezzy collaborated on but not this new song so much. It’s not the Lil’ Kim we use to love. I think Lil’ Kim has lost her swag, flow and from listening to this track, she’s lost some loyal fans as well. Below are the audio’s of Counting Money and Keys to the City. Take a listen to both and tell me which track you like the most.


YouTube Preview Image


YouTube Preview Image


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